When it eventually got light this morning my first sight was of our garden bench up-side-down in the fish pond - still very windy then - thankfully it hadn't killed any of our fish in the process or the little fountain thingy.

I had a second year Vet student with me today and after the morning feed round and a cup of coffee we spent quite a while handling the weanlings, getting them used to having their legs touched and picked up which was really useful.  Then we got all chubbies from the weight watchers field in to the yard for condition scoring and weighing. The two real porkers Orchid and Medina are still scoring 11/10, I think I'll have to send them to Zumba or invent a treadmill for fat alpacas getting them to produce electricity or something - no wonder I can never get them pregnant.  Cassandra is pretty fat too at 9/10 at least she's pregnant though.  None of them needed to change groups and will stay on their diet of Camelibra and very little hay and their eaten down field.
New group of weanlings

Midlington - had a fringe trim so he can see out now

All very calm and quiet - no crying for mums in this group

Then we brought in the rest of the females and cria. Most of the cria are now huge and 5 or 6 months, the mums were mostly fine, but a couple of them had lost a bit of condition which settled my decision to wean the rest of our cria right there and then.

We hatched a plan to move the first weanling group down to the yard, mix them up with the new group and put them all back out again, but with the high winds under their tails the first group just wouldn't co-operate so we changed to Plan B which was to leave the new weanlings in the yard with a couple of stables to go in until we have more helpers.

Meanwhile Peter has been working away on our trees, getting rid of the Ivy, all a bit dodgy in the wind - we heard a tremendous crack, like gunfire, as a tree up on the hill behind us came down. I do think we've had enough of this rough stuff now - can we have some calm, frosty, sunny days please?

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