The skies are blue now and the wind has died right down but at lunchtime today I thought the world may indeed come to an end in 2012... torrential horizontal rain and very strong winds bashed us about for hours. And then suddenly it was all over and the sun came out.  Watching the radar on was quite exciting, heavy rain, usually dark read, on this occasion was a line of almost black crossing over us.

We had an arborculturalist (can't spell that) (tree man) come and inspect our trees, I was actually amazed we had any left standing, but they were, even the dodgy looking ones. Thankfully he was delayed and 2 hours late, so we walked the boundary in the dry.  He's going to do a survey, expensive, and then recommend we get some taken down, very expensive, and then thin some out, expensive and then lay a hedge ...  I don't think so!

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