We have two new little boys,  sired by Snowmass Invincibly Elite and they are both gorgeous... the first to appear was from BonBon and was a textbook birth, but rather rapid, which must have been painful judging by her foul language and attempts to squash his head with her foot! Luckily I was there and after a few minutes the motherly instinct kicked in and she stood beautifully whilst he got straight up and got stuck into the milk bar. We have called him Baylee.

The next to arrive was from one of the maidens, Medusa, and she took her time ... as she'd been in first stage for 3/4 hours I  thought it best to check her out properly and discovered she hadn't dilated much at all so gave her a bit of a sweep and after another half an hour or so she birthed easily to another little white chap... he was less lively,  a bit dysmature, and took a little while to get to his feet. A bottle of goats colostrum got him going and he was running around the field in the evening.

Medusa and Midlington

BonBon & Baylee
BonBon & Baylee
Both mums are very proud of their new sons and I have to say I am very pleased with them too - even though they are boys!

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  1. They both look marvellous and I absolutely love the name Midlington!