We have been treating little Candy for a few weeks for a nasty eye infection - at first we thought we were winning but by the end of last week it was clear that the eye was no longer viable and that she'd be better off without it, she had already adjusted to having no sight in it anyway. So Friday afternoon Andrew our Vet operated on her on our old kitchen table in the stable yard. I have to say I wouldn't volunteer to hold an alpaca's head still for that one again!  Amazingly within half an hour of the operation she was bouncing round the stable and in the morning galloped round the field and jumped for joy. She's a gorgeous female, one of my favourites, she's been so brave and is such a good patient and is very beautiful, especially if viewed on her left!

Yesterday Akela had her cria by Snowmass Incan King - he looks just like him and I have called him Amaru. We seem to have more than our fair share of boys here, lets hope Goldie, who is our last female to birth will give us a girl to finish our birthing season....

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