Our Open Day was a huge success... the weather was perfect and everything looked great. We had between 400 and 500 visitors - with a constant stream of traffic up the lane.  We had so many lovely compliments on the farm and on our animals. Loads of serious enquiries and some sales for the future. We sold lots of fleece, yarn and knitted things and a huge amount of tea and cake.

The spinning ladies were brilliant, as were all my volunteer helpers who were either stewards on the gates talking about the animals to everyone, running the shop, or doing the teas - thank you very much guys - we couldn't have done it without you!  The pacas were impeccably behaved of course - I can't imagine what they must have thought of all the people in their paddocks .. they were very bemused by the pushchairs.

My biggest thanks goes to my dear husband Peter who has worked so hard getting the farm looking so lovely and making sure that there was hardly a paca-poo left for anyone to step in, but mostly for putting up with me in my pre-open day stressed state!  I woke in the night worrying that no-one would come!

Here are some pics of the day..... hope those in them don't mind!!  Now I'm off for a takeaway and a very large G&T!!!

Crowds round the spinning tent

Beginning of the farm walk

Just couldn't believe how many cars!

Peter looking very happy - maybe it's 'cos he's taking the money!
I thought I said no pics of me!

Kids taking a real interest in the weaving

What are all these people doing in our field?

That's close enough!


  1. Crickey that is an impressive amount of visitors...Congratulations!

  2. Wow that is fantastic. It is something I'd like to try (on a smaller scale!) once we're settled into the new farm. I'll have to get some top tips from you.

  3. Ken Freivokh, Artwork Alpacas15 August 2011 at 05:55

    Well done! Immaculate!!!!!! Peter must be able to catch pooh before it even hits the ground! Lovely babies - totally vindicate your investment in the World's best stud males.

  4. What a fantastic turn out. Congratulations! I am afraid our Experience Days are not in the same league as yours though!!