We took Pixie Lott, our VW camper van out today and had a picnic in a National Trust parkland full of new born lambs playing in the sunshine. On our travels we came across a stunning bluebell wood - at their best now despite being so dry, the pictures just don't do it justice.

Seems like we might get some rain at the end of this week, we certainly need some as the ground is so dry and cracked. Peter topped our front field this morning, first time out with the topper (his favourite toy!). The paddock had been rested for a few weeks, so the grass was quite long in places, looks lovely and tidy now, and he went round the patch of bluebells and daffodils as per instructed!

He's been spot spraying the weeds too, not a nice job as the knapsack wrecks your shoulders. Although it's safe to put the alpacas back on after a week, we don't normally have to as we have enough paddocks to leave them another couple of weeks. At this time of year we rotate fields frequently, that way the alpacas get all the lovely fresh new grass and we can top them regularly which keeps the grass in tiptop condition.

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