Hand shearing

My interview last Sunday on BBC Radio Solent's programme - The Good Life .. went well and can be heard again on their website if you wish to listen.

Rebecca and I went to Devon on Tuesday and enjoyed the lovely weather on some of the beaches on the South and North Coast and had fun with our friends Chas & Rachel from Classical MileEnd Alpacas, a bus-mans holiday, but always good to have the opportunity to
talk 'alpacas' for hours on end!

I decided today to shear our Llama "Yerba" by hand, actually went very well only one small blister and a slightly aching arm, he stood very patiently whilst I reduced the two years worth of very heavy fleece by a huge amount and then he spent the rest of the day in the sun, whilst everyone else sought the shade..... looking somewhat chopped but feeling cool & smug! I will however leave everyone else for the Shearers to do properly!

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