I have a new camera. Not that there was anything wrong with my compact job, or my phone come to that, but I wanted a really good zoom.  I probably bore most folk rigid with all my alpaca pictures, but I know you like alpacas, or you wouldn't be looking at this, so I thought you might like to see a few. I just wish I had had this years ago when I was travelling - perhaps I should go back and do it all over again.

Anyway, day two and I'm still learning the basics on the auto mode.  I LOVE this thing!!!! Bloomin' raining now though, so my plans for going out to the bluebell woods this afternoon have been foiled, so I'm going to play about with the pics I took this morning and show you some.

It's just another excuse not to do housework, food shopping, VAT return, end of year accounts, clearing out Rebecca's bedroom, emptying the loft, weeding the garden ..... you get the picture (sorry)




Orchid - of the beautiful eyes


And to make a change from alpacas


  1. I haven't progressed from 'Auto' mode in four years...nor have I managed to be so artistic...well done!

  2. LOL - Thanks Barbara - you always have very good pics on your blog