What a lovely group of people we had today on our Alpacas for Beginners Course, I just know that they're all going to love keeping alpacas. We were so lucky with the weather again, just a brief shower before they arrived,  Peter and I had hastily got the weanling females in to play with this afternoon, but actually we needn't have worried 'cos there was a good drying breeze and the sun came out. All seemed to enjoy the course hugely and went home full of enthusiasm (or in Alistairs's case at least converted!) - which means I achieved what I set out to do, which makes me happy:) Big blunder and momentary panic, was to leave the cottage pie unattended in the oven whilst doing the farm walk with everyone, came back to a charred potato crust, thank heavens Greg and John (Masterchef) weren't on the course - blimey could you imagine that?! Scraped off the black bits and everyone was very polite and ate it... so I think I got away with it!!

Hmmm paddock condition!
Frog spawn
Enjoying a cuddle
A natural alpaca handler Alistair - that's a big smile!
Sue, Don, Alistair and Charlotte all enjoying the pacas

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