We had a visit today from a group of 22,  year 10 students from the South Downs College. They were all very attentive, as were the alpacas, the weanling boys were proper little show-offs and gave a wonderful display of "boys" behaving badly with lots of orgling and frisky laddish behaviour, the students thought it was really funny, which it was - I have a feeling there may be a few little videos appearing on youtube soon. We had some great feedback from them ... hopefully some of them will be inspired to become alpaca breeders for the future.

Showing teeth

Spring is continuing to slowly emerge, we have frogspawn in the pond, in fact I can hear frogs or toads outside now and we have leaves on the elder bushes. The grass has grown a tiny bit in the last week, certainly greener, though most of our fields look a bit sad, we desperately need some rain, everything is so dry, but at least the pacas are lovely and clean.

The fencing has been finished and the hedges trimmed back so the boundary looks very tidy. Peter has harrowed the big field that we've been using since december, we have loads of moss which gets pulled up with the harrows which makes room for new grass -  now it looks completely trashed, but it will recover quite quickly and be lovely after a couple of months rest.  The birds love all the moss for their nests. If we have just a bit of rain we can roll the fields and get some fertiliser on them.

The halter training is going fairly well, just a couple of slow learners who are taking a bit longer, I have discovered that chatting to people on the phone whilst moving very slowly across a field with the reluctant ones on the end of the lead works rather well ... they walk back beautifully after listening to all that gobbledygook....

The boys penned up ready for halter training


  1. Thank you Karen for a fantastic visit. Many of our students had never even seen an alpaca before today and they've gone home enthusing about them after their visit to you! We feel privileged to have been able to get so close to them. Thanks again, we'll be back!

    1. You're most welcome Helen - it was great to meet all the students today and I'm looking forward to your next visit!

  2. Looks like you had a great day Karen.

    On the plus side the lack of rain does give you lovely 'fluffy' alpacas, but hoping you get some much needed rainfall soon (please feel welcome to take some of ours from the north!)

  3. I find they always walk back to the herd well, it's getting them away from the herd that can be a challenge. If only we could beam them away and always walk them back.