Saturday morning we woke to minus 8 degrees and a forecast of snow coming in by late afternoon, and this was the day of our BAS Alpaca Evaluation Seminar with Liz Barlow ..  heating was turned right up in The Den so everyone would be cosy, unfortunately we hadn't bargained for the water supply freezing so there was much cursing and last minute defrosting of pipes with a blow heater, which worked as far as the downstairs loo, so at least our visitors didn't have to keep running up to the house.  Liz gave us a brilliant day and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt lots. We finished in good time and they all made it home safely before the snow really got going.  I love snow, being big kid, so was hugely disappointed when we got rain, especially when I heard how much of the white stuff was about not far from us. Oh well, I'm sure there's enough time left to get some yet.

The next day it thawed and the mud was just awful, everyone looked a bedraggled mess and it was far too grey, damp and miserable to do anything more than was absolutely necessary, so I spent much of day watching telly in front of the log burner - haven't done that for ages and it was just what I needed.

Once again we are gripped by the icy temperatures, I really don't mind 'cos it's dry and the muds frozen. As long as I can keep busy enough to stay warm and I have all the right layers on -  years ago when I worked with horses,  I used to get horrendous black chilblains on my hands, feet and legs - very attractive - doctor told me to get an office job!

Halter training can only be done in the dry weather or my hands just freeze up and I just hate that ... today I spent half an hour or so leading our Futurity show team of 4 weanling boys up our little woodland path. I had stored up a bit of warmth from my dog walk and feed rounds, which lasted just about enough time to get 2 lots of 2 led up to the top of the path and back. They loved it actually, especially Bobby Dazzler and Baylee, who was on the halter for just the second time, and has been a dream to train. Bobby decided that rather than go through the gap cut into a fallen tree trunk that he rather fancied climbing over it instead ... he even did it again so I could take his picture to show you.

Baylee & Eros 

The Sorcerer

Bobby Dazzler

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