Back home and still tired despite going to bed at 9pm the last 2 nights! Hangover lasted all Sunday morning but thankfully I didn't need the bucket that was beside me as I drove home - never again - but good fun at the time!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the show, despite my disappointment over "Bonami's" lack of success, well he came joint 7th anyway! Our Beige Junior Female "Bonaventure" did well coming 2nd in her class, shes a real cutie and grand daughter of our Supreme Champion female Bonita, a great line for us to be breeding to the Snowmass boys - can't wait to see her Dam and big sisters cria this summer....

Rebecca won with her picture in the art competition, so she was very happy. I'm still trying to decide wether to buy a faecal egg counting kit at huge cost?

Its been 15 degrees and sunny here today, but much to my frustration I have been indoors for a lot of it on the phone to Apple trying to resolve computer problems ... 3 hours later and still not fixed. Peter had a much better day outside and started the spring harrowing on the empty fields, ready for fertilising next week. It's all beginning to grow now, just needs a bit of encouragement.

We have toad and frog spawn in the pond, though I haven't heard the frogs at night yet, probably because I was sleeping so deeply!

Next event our training day with Jay on Saturday .... pictures to follow...

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