I like the combined smell of iodine and new born crias, just as well, as even after bathing and applying something more conventionally fragrant I'm still getting it! Anyway, it comes with the territory and of course I just love new born crias. There's the inevitable worries and moments when I think why do I do this, but generally it's hugely exciting and they are adorable. Each birth's like a huge present that you've been waiting for for almost a year, the result of careful breeding decisions and large investment. You know what's going to be in the package, but you don't know what colour, gender, or just how good it's going to be! And then there's the names ... this year vaguely following the Game of Thrones as our theme, but some just name themselves as we go along.

So far we've had two births, the first, a week ago now from Toffee Apple who was a week short of 11 months and the second, today, a week over from Dove, and they're both just gorgeous - I will leave you with pictures.

Toffee Apple giving Tilly a kiss


Dove & Daario - a surprise on the colour as her last two were multi - this one from Snowmass Puna Sky

Daario Nahalis 

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