Hurrah ... well that's winter over with then, officially at least, if not literally. March 1st and it's a glorious sunny day after a frosty start - perfect.

We brought all the females in today for a weigh in, I always find it quite interesting to see who's gone up or down, or stayed the same. Only one girl, old "Aunty Miel" has lost any significant weight over the winter, she is 16 almost 17 and we don't shear her blanket off so she's been good and cosy, but its just her age I suppose catching up with her, not that she's thin, just no longer fat.  The rest have either stayed the same or increased slightly with pregnancy or growth - all good then.

This week I have been giving our website a bit of an overhaul, not done it for ages, it's  one of those things I put off doing for far too long and then once I start I can't stop fiddling with it!  I don't know enough about the works of it all really, why it can look beautifully set up on the local folder, but once uploaded to the remote site it looks completely different ... hours wasted trying to sort that out and still not finished!

I have added a new page just for a bit of fun really, thought it was worth sharing. It's basically all about one of our females Bon Bon and her family - tour female 'B' for Bretta line. I started it a couple of years ago, but only this week finished it!

BonBon with her cria Baylee

Well too nice to stay indoors so I'm off outside again, might get some good pics of some dry alpacas for a change!

National Show in two weeks - looking forward getting on the circuit again.


  1. Very interesting reading and lovely photographs, any of the B line going to the National?

  2. Thank you Mark - yes a couple of "B's entered - just wondering if that's a mistake now - they have a lot to live up to!!