The whole herd have had their toenails trimmed and their Autumn wormer, and the crias have had their first dose of AD&E as now that the days are getting shorter, they need their liquid sunshine to prevent the possible onset of rickets. Next job is to book a visit from our scanner chap to confirm our pregnancies, I think from spit-offs we have around 25, but I like to be certain, a couple of the maidens don't seem to know what to do when approached by the big boys, I'm hoping they've all taken and when I know for sure I will be putting some on our sales list, reluctantly I hasten to add, but sadly I can't keep them all.

We're hosting a couple of Southern Alpaca Group (SAG) training days this month.  Vet Day on Saturday 5th October with Camelid Specialist Peter Aitken, who will talk us through parasites and skin problems, crias and nutrition and probably much more, it'll be a great chance for learning and for asking all those questions. Then on Saturday 19th October will be a  Fibre Day with Jean Field - everything you need to know on what to do with your fleeces from shearing to processing and how and where to market your products, and a chance to have a go at spinning and weaving.  We have places on both these days available, you don't have to be a Member of SAG, so if you'd like to come along then we'd be pleased to see you - give me call or drop me an email

We had a few visitors today - an Alpaca Experience morning for Flora and her friends as her birthday treat, they all had a great time learning about the alpacas, getting involved in some husbandry tasks and leading Bond and Baylee through an agility course. This afternoon a lovely family came over who are thinking of getting some alpacas as field pets. (I rather suspect they might and here are some pics of the boys to tempt them further - how can they resist?!)

Touchwood - "Pick Me"!!

And my friends!

Jack Black & Touchwood


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