How do I get myself talked into these things? My nephew is a reporter for Radio Solent, Tim Robinson, he's very good, and I'm not just saying that 'cos he's my nephew, he will go far I'm sure.  A couple of years ago he persuaded me to go on a program talking about the alpacas, and to my surprise I really enjoyed it. The producer called me a few weeks ago and asked if I would be 'up' for a 10 minute slot on the Nick Girdler Show, doing a sort of What's my Line thing where Nick has to guess what I do for a living? OK I said - forgetting just how nerve-wracking it is, and for some reason even more so this time. Anyway this morning I was on - he guessed after a few minutes and so I had quite a bit of time to talk about alpacas in general and to plug our Open Day which is looming up fast next Sunday afternoon.  If you're stuck for something to do, or are suffering with insomnia, you could listen, it's only for a few minutes, I don't have the direct link to my bit yet - but it's 2.09hrs into the program -  I think you can skip through to it after the news at the beginning.

Thankfully all our crias have now arrived - Goldie had a cute little light brown boy with white markings on his face and Treasure had a stunning little rose/fawn grey girl, both by Ardingly, he has given us some gorgeous crias this year. So have the Snowmass boys and when I get time I will post pictures of our 2013 collection.

Now I just have to get out of the habit of waking so early and going straight to the window to see if we have anyone in labour - no more do I need to be fixated on alpacas bottoms, watching for the slightest signs of impending births and I can put the birthing box away for a year.  Now I can relax and enjoy the cria, touching wood here, all are doing well,  my only concern is little Hunky Dory with his crooked leg, which seems to be getting worse and I may have to get him splinted.

So, this week the big preparation for our Open Day on Sunday, signs to be made, fields to be cleaned, gazebos to be put up, and a sales list to be prepared. That's the hardest bit - we are going to offer some of our alpacas at very special prices, I have made my selection and will get their details posted soon.  Hope to see you on Sunday - 2pm onwards!

Treasure and her first cria - Tuiti Fruiti

Here she is again - just a few hours old!


  1. Go girl...sounds like lots of work ahead for you this week...I hope it stays dry during the day for you (rain at that works!)

  2. Please note that I am reading your blog at 6am after the morning I still have another month of birthing!

    Good luck with all the prep for the day...may the sun shine x

  3. Well done, nice to get all the birthing out of the way. Hope the open day goes well!

  4. Lovely we have no crias this year, it's a treat to hear about those other folks are enjoying! I'm jealous...they look gorgeous! Good luck for the open day, we'll hold onto the rain over here so hope it stays fine for your event!!