A couple of years ago we found a lovely home for two of our retired stud boys, Grayling and Ocho, just up the road in the next village with Liz and Gus.  They are extremely well cared for and loved and so I was really pleased when they decided to take Sir G under their wing as another retiree,  the three amigos seem very well settled and it's rather nice to be able to see them every now and then when I drive past their field. Thank you Liz and Gus!

Ocho, Grayling and Sir G

This summer I decided to retire some of our older females too. I'm quite happy to keep them here but realistically we should move them on as field pets to make room for the next generations, and the occasional auction acquisition..... Yes, we went to the Alpaca Classic last weekend and had a very good day. This event was really well organised, with great speakers and beautiful animals and one of them  - Bozedown Jumper is now in our field. Well you only live once...

New addition Bozedown Jumper 

Today we brought the cria group in for their weekly inspections. Lots of smelly lotions and potions to combat harvest mites and midges. I'm trying out 3 different things and I'm not sure which is working the best but something is as they're definitely better than last week.

One of our older girls Akela is a very spitty madam when pregnant but when she's open,  as she is now she's very cuddly - as you can see in the picture of Rebecca with her and others wanting to join in.

Another job today was to put the boys into a different field. Loads of grass - they are very happy.


  1. It is wonderful to have good retirement homes for alpacas. I love that you can still see them from time to time. All of ours have moved far enough away we dont' get those glimpses. And of course now there is room for that one from the auction :) great how that works out


  2. Congratulations Karen. She really is lovely ( I think I may have popped a bid in there sorry!) . Pregnant to Achilles as well that is exciting!