What's been going on here then, well half term stuff which was fun, lots of lovely walks, Rebecca and I try and do a different one every day, which we did, we had one beach walk on a very sunny day, but which was absolutely freezing and we just had to go and have coffee and a cake to warm up (any excuse!). We've been halter training ready for the Futurity ... we've added 3 more to our show team, and they of course are the ones who are not so great on the halter.  Top knots were trimmed yesterday which reminds me I must deal with the fleece I was wearing which now looks like a fluff magnet.  It's been so lovely and dry that they're all looking very smart, hmm probably shouldn't have said that..

At the weekend we had to move everyone to be ready for the fencing which started yesterday,  a lot of our fencing is very wobbly, most of the boundary fence is over 40 years old and whilst the alpacas are very gentle on it, we felt that it should now be replaced, rather than propped up yet again, we can't run to the same oak posts and 3 rails, but at least the new fence will be secure and easy to maintain, but sadly not very pretty, actually I don't like it at all between you and me, but I'll get used to it, have to!

Old fence down in no time
I rather like the fields naked
Horse field in a bit of a state - the pacas don't allow all this growth to poke through their fences,  they eat it, so we'll be rotating them with the horse from now on.
Hedge trimmer works wonders in just minutes

Rebecca with Bliss, not in the show team but one of her favourites
Jazz on the beach 
I know - not pictures of alpacas - but Spring is on the Way - Yey!!


  1. I'm jealous of your spring flowers :)

    We are doing a bit of haltering training also, many take to it quite well, but there's always one that gives me a run for my money.


  2. Lovely photographs Karen.

    Halter training, crikey, need to get started on that!

    See you at the Futurity!