The woodland path is continuing to grow nicely, another hour or two tomorrow and it should be finished. I really love doing stuff like that,  but I do wish I had more strength and stamina...  'cos I'm knackered now. Next project will be the ivy on the roadside trees ... major muscle required for that, and the chainsaw - I can hear Peter groaning and moaning even before I ask him to help me.

I've been playing about with the Blogger templates .. I like the new ones, but just couldn't make up my mind which one, so you may get a different one everyday.  Was persuaded to join Twitter this week, I really like it, thought I wouldn't, but I think it's much better than FB - one has to keep up with modern trends and technology you know! Follow me and I'll follow you right back!


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  1. I have a terrible time deciding on a blog template too. I end up sticking with the same old same old, but when I do change, it takes me days to get the color tones and shades just right. It's fun to play with, but can take over an entire weekend if you let it.

    I haven't tried twitter yet. It is true about keeping up with technology. It will get away from it you if you let it.\