Us 'Girls' were working well together this morning - with Rebecca and Lucy's help all the females and crias were weighed and wormed with Cydectin in a jiffy. All pacas co-operated beautifully, having gone straight through the race over the scales a couple of times to learn the route, they were then very calm when it was their turn to be stopped and weighed. This is where our round yard comes in so handy.  Shame no-one took pictures of the proceedings but we didn't think about it at the time. Along with condition scores its interesting to see how they change over the year and always handy to have weights to give accurate dosing, adults varying from 50 to 83 kilos and big Miel at 101.3.  I like to see if I can estimate the weights. I couldn't decide which field to put them in, so in the end they went back into the same one .. supposed to be a good strategy for reducing resistance in worms to drugs anyway.

Rebecca and I then went off to an auction and with her encouragement (didn't take much)  bought a couple of treasures and a rather nice teak table and chairs -  bargains - I love auctions!

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