Moved the females and crias into the next field, which of course was cause of much charging and prancing about.  Of course by the time I got the camera everyone had calmed down... anyway here are some pics taken from the last couple of days.

I've started the autumn clear up in the garden, a bit early probably, but I'm in the mood - I tend to get a bit scissor happy with the slash back and a light prune on a shrub can sometimes reduce it to a stump ...  but so far I have managed to restrain myself, even so, the bonfire heap is growing nicely ready for Nov 5th.  We have a huge paca-poo pile in the woods, thanks to Peter and his poo-hoovering,  the 2 year old stuff is looking wonderful, just have to work out how I'm going to get it to the garden without having to use the wheelbarrow numerous times. I would love a mini digger all of my own to play with - would be so much fun, and one of those machines that chop up bits of wood into chips..... highly unlikely that I would be allowed!

The mornings have suddenly become quite chilly and we had a light frost today .... I am definitely an Autumn person ...

Pacas lost in the mist


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