So - here we are again surrounded my the white stuff. For a moment there I thought we wouldn't get any - a sprinkle on Wenesday and then woke the next morning to almost a foot of beautiful dry powdery fine snow, perfectly coating all the trees and furnishing the outdoor benches with perfect white cushions - so beautiful, I love it .... it does make life a little difficult I know and I feel very lucky that I don't have to drive to work.

The pacas have been fine, still wearing the bit of snow that they haven't shaken off, they're so well insulated with their fleece ... they're all on double rations of alfalfa nuts with sugar beat, peas and oats for the cria group - getting up to half a kilo each of hard feed and ad lib hay of course. The water troughs need de-icing 3 times a day as it hasn't managed to get above freezing for days. Just come in now and the high for today has been -1.5 mad!!

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