Missing the rain!

Today the skies are a wonderful mixture of blue, billowing white and grey thunder clouds and that deep deep purple. There's been the odd rumble of distant thunder, all full of promise of the wet stuff, but still we get just a sprinkle of rain, when others it seem get floods. I certainly don't wish for a flood but we so desperately need some significant rain to get our grass to grow. We had just enough to turn the grass green last week but still have large cracks in the soil.

Yet another busy day, visitors in the morning, alpaca keepers for the future, then mobile matings, which turned out to be spit-offs (they'd had rain!). After lunch preparing notes for Saturdays beginners course and the usual job of cleaning out the cria groups shelter. One little chap managed to roll under the fence and end up in the dressage arena, left him for a while to see if he'd work out how to get back, but no, we had to help him out, much to the relief of his mum Beulah.

No crias born today - we have our last 3 due now - come on girls, its school holidays from tomorrow and we want to go to the beach!

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