What a lovely way to start the day, breakfast in bed, complete with a Mother's Day card and flowers on a tray from my gorgeous daughter.  I wonder if I can arrange to have that every Sunday morning?!!

Yesterday was very Spring-like, a balmy 11.5 degrees, even a bit sunny, we had masses of frogs spawning in the pond, the birds were singing and the grass was growing.  We trimmed those toenails which were much easier after the rain the day before, and we had the whole show team on halters again... the weanlings are walking OK now and have been in and out of the trailer a few times. The big boys just needed a refresher -  Bonami and The Sorcerer have a bit of an attitude problem and I have given them a good talking to on how to behave for the Judge, hope they listened.  They all look such a mess after a deluge of rain on Friday, and I suppose as winter is back this week, snow forecasted to come maybe tonight or tomorrow, they'll soon look even worse. Just hope they're going to be dry to travel up to the Futurity on Thursday and I hope it warms up a bit for me - it's really freezing out there now.

This morning we had the 1st Titchfield Sea Scout Cubs come for a visit and I have to say what a lovely  group they were too! Lots of really good questions and observations and the pacas enjoyed the visit too, especially Medusa who lapped up the attention, bless her, we're going to start a Medusa fan club, and Yerba our llama who couldn't believe his luck with all the food on offer!

Well this time next week the Futurity will be over ... I have to say I'm not sure how we're going to do .. some days our show team look tremendous and other days I wonder why I entered them at all! Hopefully we won't get the walk of shame too many times.  I'm a mixture of excitement and anticipation of possible success, tamed with the inevitable fear of failure. I just hope my special ones get in the front line - the competition will be tough for sure.  Either way I can't wait to see everyone again - lots of gossiping to do, and this time I need to try and sell animals not buy them!  First show of the season - bring it on!!!!

Medusa and her new fan club

She's loving the fuss!

Yerba - happy to take food from anyone!

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  1. I'll sit on you hands if you do the same for me!!

    See you Friday.