Yes the sunshine makes my headlines! I'm rather obsessed by the weather, probably because for so much of my life I have had to be out in it.

With my car, a trusty and very grubby Kia Sorento in the village garage being MOT'd and having a long awaited service, I'm ashamed to admit the last one was back in November 201, well she was running OK do they really need all this servicing?  Anyway, unable to go out food shopping, very dull (I'm equally as bad at domestic chores as I am cars) I got on with a bit of halter training - much more my thing! Concentrating on the boys and three in particular who objected strongly to the whole idea the last time I had a go with them.

Last time Agent, who looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, protested violently, shouting and carrying on and as a final protest flopping down on the ground and refusing to move!  Today, after a few words in his ear and stroking his head until he stopped shouting, he was persuaded to walk across the field to the woods, through the trees, over a log and back again. I wouldn't go so far as to say he enjoyed it but if he could talk I think he would have to admit that he felt a little foolish making such a fuss!


Next was Touchwood, not as hysterical but stubbornly awkward about the whole thing and in push- me-pull-you-fashion we gradually made our way to the woods, up the path and then he walked beautifully back beside me.

Then Bamboozle, who just didn't get it, so we followed everyone else about in the field together and after just a few minutes he was walking quietly beside me where I wanted to take him.


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  1. Had to laugh at Agent's reaction, especially an all-out tantrum and then throwing himself to the floor! At least they all got it in the end :) Lisa